10 tips for kids keep growing memory

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

Parents must feel their children grow up too fast, canvas prints nz blink of an eye will be grown up children at different ages have different faces, expressions and movements, so I like to use photography to record their growth process. Purpose is not just rely on their photo finish growing up bit by bit, but I hope they grow up to cherish loved ones and valuable time. So, I think if a moving picture, the composition may be considered good or bad on the surface, or whether to capture an important moment, but the fact is the fact that it depends on whether the emotional expression can reflect the photographer and the subject. Want their children to rise to look for them we took photos, they can make parents feel deep love! So we should make use of the opportunity for children to take some beautiful photos.

First, with the capture mode, canvas prints capture the most natural moment

Children at different ages respond to the camera are not the same thing, but usually have one thing in common - not you like to look to the lens. In fact, they really want to see the camera, acrylic prints nz   press the shutter was worth it? Since we wish to record their lives bit by bit, it should be more natural to catch their moment. So we can try to capture mode, you do not, ask them to look to the camera and then shoot, but waits for his family when they play at home or quietly beside shooting, capturing their most natural moment, so you do not shoot Some stiff or forced smile photo.

Second, pay attention to viewing angle, grasp the children's horizons

A picture is exquisite, background and photos usually have a great relationship. So if the charming environment of the scene, we can try to attract more shooting some background. However, many parents also used to help the children take pictures standing, because little kids than us, we will stand pat the lens of the camera angle downward, resulting in most of the background photo into the ground, wasted a beautiful background. So we should try to squat down when shooting, the angle of the shots and the children's eyes at the same level, so that we can attract more background so that the background of the photo richer.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

In addition, we sometimes even can squat at the end point, the lens slightly shoot up, it feels like a photo out of the field of vision to see children and adults in the world, the effect will be surprisingly useful!

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

Third, the attention not only in children who

If the full picture on the children who, let us ignore the background and the surrounding scenery, leading to what should be made not to shoot, then shoot should not be taken down. So we should be shooting Italian children's surroundings, all around, for example, we want to shoot children at Disneyland, you should put it in the background also photographed together; there is a trash can next to the children, then do not take to avoid it so that photos can express the story you want to say and not too cluttered.

Fourth, pay attention to the subject of the photo would like to express

When I practice composition, I often ask myself: What I shot this photo is the purpose? Do you wish to let let people know what the children are doing? And so the question, clarify your shooting purposes, to take advantage of photo composition, depth of field, shutter speed, and finally shoot the photos you want.

Pay attention to the level of the angle of the screen

Sometimes new parents at the time of shooting is relatively less attention to the level of the camera angle, so that a photo picture tilt.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

If we specifically for patterning the screen tilt, is understandable, but if we put this practice a habit, each shot can inadvertently skew the camera around it is not too pleasant. Eventually was neat composition, balanced picture photos to make people uncomfortable to see, when you would not want to watch the TV screen is tilted, right?

10 tips for kids keep growing memory


Sixth, pay attention to the scope of the viewfinder screen

In order to record the children's bit by bit, we can use the wide-angle lens view of man and the body photos, so they can show their interaction with the environment of the scene. Nevertheless, a photo shoot when the body should try to give the children up and down left and right to allow more space, do not make children too close to the edge of the screen, so photos with pressure. If even a small part of the outside of the body of the children placed in the lens when shooting photographs give people an unnatural feeling it.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

In order to enrich the diversity of the entire group photo, we sometimes have to take some close-up photos, then we will decide which part of the body to children located outside of the lens. We want to avoid shooting the children as part of the joint elbows, knees, ankles and other parts of the interception at the edge of the screen.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

Seven, Tic-Tac-patterning method

We should put the children when shooting on the screen what position? If you are new parents, there is no idea of ​​Shooting, the Tic-Tac-patterned basic law would be a good choice.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

If we average the screen is divided into nine, there were four staggered central point in the visual point is located four staggered screen prominent position, so when we look at the photo, it will focus more attention to these places.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

Eight, pay attention to the camera settings

Children restless restless, so pay attention to proper camera settings when shooting them. To capture a clear picture, we will be required to pay attention to the shutter speed. When we hand-held camera, our action will inevitably shake situation occurs, if the shutter is too slow, it will easily blurred photo shoot. When the longer the focal length of the lens, the image shake by our problems will be more serious, so the focal length and shutter speed has an essential relationship. So how should we decide shutter values ​​Are not so blurry? We can determine the shutter speed according to the security shutter.

Safety shutter representatives at different focal lengths, with the relative value of the shutter to shoot clear photos, the calculation is:

Safety shutter (sec) = 1 / focal length (mm)

For example, using a focal length of 50mm, then 1/50 seconds to whom safety shutter; such as using 200mm focal length, whom they then 1/200 sec safety shutter;

Please note that the above values ​​Are only to ensure that the shutter shaking in general, the safety shutter on fuzzy photos will not shoot. If you really shaking was more powerful, only the shutter speed should be increased. In my own case, if not with a long focal length, in general, I try to not less than shutter 1 / 80s, because the crisp, translucent images are the most important.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

In addition to safety outside the fast, and now also with shock some shots, like Nikon's optical VR function VRII, is swinging the lens to compensate for hand tremor case, since the space available for movement of the lens is large, so the damping effect is most outstanding. Damping effect to achieve three to four shutter speed. So if we cannot make due to lack of exposure to safety shutter, the lens damping function can also help on one, so we shoot clear images.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

We like to use a large aperture to the shallow depth of field photo shoot for the kids, but too large aperture make shallow depth of field, the focus is not accurate or if the children move too fast, it will be easy to shoot children face blurred photos. So it is best not often rounded aperture (such as f / 1.4 ~ 2), or a wide-angle lens can be used to reduce the depth of field.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

Nine, multi-burst mode

Children lively, some lovely expression or action cannot click the shutter to capture obtained. So often we sometimes need to adopt even mode, multi-press the shutter to capture some of the perfect moment. For example, when they play, we can through the camera's viewfinder has been next to 'track' the children's movements (such as the use of long focal length lens is better) to maximize shutter speed, even at their same action number of shots. Just home from the screening of the comic snapshots in which the most emotions and photos are saved, and the deletion is not beautiful, it does not waste storage space and cannot miss the opportunity to capture the perfect picture.

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

10 tips for kids keep growing memory

Ten, the toy into props

The key to success shooting the children, whether they can capture the most childlike moment, so in addition to the exposure, composition, color and atmosphere with the other elements, in the final analysis, the most important thing is how to capture the expressions and movements of children every minute. When sees if it is a good time to catch their beautiful expression? Of course when playing! So we can bring their favorite toy or prepare some gadgets, let them play while you shoot.

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